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Asseco Georgia

Asseco Group is a federation of companies engaged in information technology. Asseco Group operates in most of the European countries as well as in Israel, USA, Japan, and Canada. Asseco Group companies are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange as well as on the American NASDAQ Global Markets. Asseco Group offers comprehensive, proprietary IT solutions for all sectors of the economy. Own solutions account for over a half of Asseco Group total sales revenues. This puts Asseco Group on the 6th place among the top software vendors in Europe ("Top 100 European Software Vendors" by Truffle Capital 2015).

Asseco Group specializes in the production and development of software. We develop and implement centralized and comprehensive IT systems for the banking sector. Our portfolio also includes advanced solutions for insurance institutions that have been implemented in the sector's major companies as well as IT systems dedicated to public administration.

Business Units

Asseco Georgia has comprehensive offer in main business units

In each Business Unit, Asseco Georgia has wide experience in providing software and services.

Insurance companies

As the Asseco Group we are honored to have very long-term and successful cooperation with all type of players in the insurance sector across the world. 

ERP Solutions

The Asseco Group offers a full range of own-made modern ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) for small, medium and large enterprises. 

Public institutions

We specialize in the creation and delivery of solutions that cannot be done by standard means and tools, without a great deal of creative work. 

Finance sector

Making the software for banks has been one of the primary specialization of Asseco since its very early times.


Asseco Group is continuing to build on its extensive experience and rich history a leading position in delivering IT solutions for healthcare institutions.

IT Infrastructure

Asseco Group provides end-to-end infrastructure services including computing and communication solutions.