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Making the software for banks has been one of the primary specialization of Asseco since its very early times. The regional as well as international growth of the Asseco organization has been, and still is, constantly focused on enhancing and complementing the products' and solutions' portfolio offering, that is tailored to the demanding expectations of the banking industry in the area of the information systems technology. Asseco is able to deliver the state of the art software solutions accompanied with the highly professional IT services for virtually any aspect of the contemporary financial institution.

Variety of the available banking software contains the core banking systems, multichannel delivery solutions, branch systems, back-office systems, business intelligence applications, reporting and compliance sensitive applications, risk management, etc. Our software is being used by large international banks across different countries as well as by smaller financial institutions like cooperative banks. With customer satisfaction as a key objective, we are able to deliver performing projects and reliable software for both.