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Product Delivery System


Business Challenge

In today’s world of competition in the retail credit market, financial terms are not the only requirement that convinces clients and agents to make a decision on what kind of credit line to choose. Simplicity and speed of credits approval are clearly of greatest importance. There is an obvious and explicit need for quick and secure credit applications with much more simplified credit approval processes.

Clients want a simple procedure when it comes to getting loans at the time they most need it. Therefore, a tool for effective clients' communication with the bank should be provided to the sales. At the same time, the bank administrators and clerks require an automated process of loan processing (approving) which doesn't require client's interaction under ordinary circumstances.


For agents who want to offer retail credit to their clients without clients' visit to the bank, Product Delivery represents an ideal solution. It is a web-based application which allows clients to communicate with the bank from their stores and offices. The process of approval and credit request completion is much faster, simpler and more efficient with Product Delivery compared to the existing fax communication procedure.


  • Instant online access to data improves agent’s ability to be effective and provide a user-friendly solution to its customers.
  • With increasing competitiveness, the bank has a significant advantage over its competition and leads the race with the accelerating business cycles within the banking world.
  • More scalability for business growth. Our solution allows continuous reconfiguration and modification of the system, in order to accommodate the on-going introduction of new products and service plans without disrupting operations and increasing the development expenses.

New Wave

Product Delivery is used for the delivery of approval and release of credit applications outside of the bank. It is designed for agents who sell their products based on the bank’s loans.

Product Delivery scope functions:

  • Credit application management
  • Agent administration
  • Management of application reference data
  • Bank user data lookup
  • PDF creation of reports
  • Credit calculator
  • Dynamic application form generator
  • Content management
  • Online help

Open Approach

Product Delivery is an open and interoperable system that follows principles of SOA, composed of low coupled components that communicate using XML over HTTP protocol. XML messages that flow throughout system are defined with an XML schema.

Product Delivery consists of the following components:

  • Product Delivery Web Client (web application)
  • Product Delivery Web Admin (web application)
  • Product Delivery Messages
  • Product Delivery Connectors
  • Product Delivery Database

Product Delivery can be easily integrated into Experience Scoring for a strong credit solution.

Product Delivery  components are implemented in Microsoft C# programming language, Web client includes ASP.NET Web applications, while Connectors are Windows services. They communicate over HTTPS using XML.

Architecture Highlights

 Ease of use

  • The system is easy to use, with the consistent user interface. Important and commonly used pages can be accessed through a single click. Users can move quickly between the pages and screens with clear, easy to understand links.


  • Users can experience consistent performance each time they visit the system.


  • The system enables both scale-up and scale-out.


  • The system is up-and-running with no single point of failure.


  • There is a management interface that allows for the modification and management of agents and credit reference data.

New Security Changes

Agents can log in and authorize online credit applications with various security options ranging from static passwords; through one-time password tokens to PKI-enabled smart cards. Distributed components communicate using HTTPS protocol with a mutual client and server authentication and 128-bit encryption. The multi-tier architecture has an option for high security mechanisms between tiers.

Service Examples

The implementation of Product Delivery system to agents and banks provides simple communication and reduction of processes.

Asseco Georgia provides tools that help you stay on top of your business.

 Online Credit Application

  • Processing of credit applications starts with an application for a corporate or consumer loan product with credit terms online on the web site. After filling in the application form, the application system will perform a credit check and notify the customer if it is accepted or rejected. If the application is accepted, the system will gather all required information for the credit product and necessary documents will be prepared for printing and signing.

 Credit Scoring

  • View your credit reports from all national credit bureaus, and get a score.


  • Calculators can help customers to make decisions about finances.

 Credit Analyzer

  • Credit analyzer can evaluate and estimate a customer's credit standing based on the information entered.

 Credit Reports

  • Discover and print information on q variety of issues that can impact a customer's financial life.

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