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Notification center covers functionality for sending emails, SMS and push notification to Android and iOS mobile phones. Solution publishes services to send messages with different priorities (such as high priority OTP codes, medium priority transaction notifications and low priority marketing messages) and supports routing and fall-back delivery depending on end device availability. If more SMS operators are available, system can automatically choose most effective operator. All messages sent are audited and reports are available for internal costs settlement and operators’ invoices reconciation.

Notification center also covers credit top-up for prepaid phone SIM cards.

Solution can be integrated into institution‘s SOA infrastructure via connection to ESB and via batch files or tables.

Key Functionality

  Centralized communication with clients with audit log
  Sending and receiving of push notifications, SMS and email
  Management of prepaid phone credit recharging
  Responses and delivery reports tracking
  Internal settlement of SMS expenses


Key Benefits

  Wide range of ready-to use service adapters
  Priority processing – e.g. prefer transactions notifications over marketing messages
  Save costs on SMS using flexible delivery (only send SMS if push notification failed, find optimal SMS provider)
  Identify unreachable contacts



Slovenská Sporiteľňa (Erste Group), Bratislava, Slovak Republic